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    Kitten meets Avery


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    Kitten meets Avery Empty Kitten meets Avery

    Post by Lotus on Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:22 pm

    and Julius still insists that his panther will be named Kitten.
    San says
    Rawrrrrrrrr chase av up a tree just cause
    Shivana Vindictious says
    Julius; Back off or I sick my Kitten at you
    Intruder: What is a little kitty gonna do, purr me to death?
    Julius points to a BIG black cat.
    and for Avery:
    IMPERSONATOR!!! YOU look like my human, but you smell funny!!!
    San says
    hahaha Spy! Infiltrator! Kidnapper!
    Shivana Vindictious says
    Damn.... Memphis left the shop and it's already 200k))
    and yeah.
    Avery: Guys! A little help here???
    San says
    San: Wow, a talking raccoon. Get the camera
    Shivana Vindictious says
    Avery: Um.... Nice cat? (Notices she didn't skip a beat.)
    San says
    grins and calls for kitten "Its okay, the big bad man is just J's Brother."
    mini kid: we taught him a trick too! *point at some jaguar sized cat toy* Kitten! Kinuko.. property.
    Shivana Vindictious says
    Kitten could climb the tree, but it was playing with the intruder before climbing the tree to go after the funny smelling imposter. Jumping up and swiping at the tail end of the trench coat. Then to hear this imposter was actually okay by the lady human? Okay, stand down and go sit by her like a pretty kitty. Maybe she will give me steak later...

    Avery: Kitten? Who names a panther that?
    Kitten's attention turns towards the toy, hearing the prompt and launches itself at the toy with a RAWR!!!

    Avery: Wow... It's battle trained too.
    I am gonna be living on allergy meds and ibuprofin
    San says
    you too?
    You're brother did." she said as she pet its head

    San says
    Watches as kitten claws and tears at the toy on the command
    San: "surprised?" heh
    Shivana Vindictious says
    Avery had been about to start to climb down, but he wasn't sure it's safe yet since the feline was... Was it really toying with him? Something about the way it's tearing that toy up tells him yes. "Some... That doesn't surprise me. Remind me to never piss you off." He nodded, impressed by the creature, "and he would name the cat that, I can see it."
    San says
    "Killed by Kitten" makes a great obituary line." she said. "Its okay, he'll let you be as long as you play nice............. give it a couple of visits before you do any brotherly headlocks though
    Shivana Vindictious says
    He actually started to climb down, not even sure why he thought he would be safe up in the tree when HEY!!! Cats climb!!! "I think I am used to guard dogs though. He would have got me anyways. Killed by Kitten huh? Makes the person sound pathetic. I hear that and picture a grey and white fuzzball."
    San says
    "Hear that kitten? He thinks your name means fuzzball." she said teasingly
    Shivana Vindictious says
    Kitten looks over, twitches an ear, and goes to paw at a part that had fallen off the chew toy as if humans weren't significant at the moment. "It almost makes me wonder what it would be like having one."

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