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    What If: Alexander Kills Gadget


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    What If: Alexander Kills Gadget Empty What If: Alexander Kills Gadget

    Post by Lotus on Mon Nov 28, 2011 6:30 am

    It was a long and hard fought battle, experienced adult vs coming of age freshly bonded Alexander. Each of them knew it would likely end up being a battle to the death. Georgette had her orders to finish him, and Zander wasn't about to let her kill him. Their weapons were the same, they were the same sub branch of human, but different skills. Injuries were hell on both sides...

    Finally, Zander had seen an opening, and delivered the final flow. Gadget, a woman that he known all his life drops her weapon unable to hold it any longer. Zander withdraws the weapon from her chest, to catch her as she fell.

    "So this is it?" she asked, not expecting any mercy from the side that she was raised to believe was the foe, eyes half closed, blood staining her hair.

    Zander had a merciful and apologetic look on his face. Her husband wasn't sent along with her, which was likely a good thing. He had three children that would need him at the moment when it sinks in that their mother wouldn't be coming home. "Yes," he replied, the apology apparent in his voice, but he couldn't afford to die any more than she could.

    "It's okay," she spoke again, with a weakening voice, taking shallow breaths. She would be gone before too long, and they both knew it. "Death is a part of life. It is one of the first lessons we were taught."

    "I know..." Zander barely could bring himself to sleep, he would sit here with his friend in his arms. He still considered her as one, even if they were drawn to fight for the opposing sides. War was never a beautiful thing, it was cruel to everyone involved. "I didn't... want this... I didn't... want to..."

    She barely smiled, as her eyes barely had any energy left at all. She reached up and cupped his face, using the last of her energy to make him look at her. "It's fine..." she breathed, starting to fall into a whisper. "If....anything....tell....Daniel...."

    Her arm fell to her side, void of anything. Zander remembered the training that he had before he ran away from home. His family was raised to recognize death wasn't something to fear, hell, they had a graveyard on the family estate of just Kloseff. The Rousseau were the same.

    "I need to purchase an urn." Zander stated, for the first time. While his family had the graveyard, they had a secret catacombs, where they stored the ashes of their loved ones, and a few personal posessions. A museum of sorts. He felt he owed it to Georgette to have her body burned.

    The blond knew what all would need to be done, may not enjoy it, but he knew she would be treated like dirt before her body was turned over to her family. "Damn it," Zander stated, with remorse and anger towards those that twisted their families into this position. "I didn't want this..."

    However, he knew that he would see this through, until her body is taken someplace where he could burn it, and place her ashes into an urn he felt she would have liked.

    He owed it to her....

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