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    Post by Lotus on Sun Dec 25, 2011 10:16 am

    Humans, she was growing to hate the majority of them every day. Each insolent pawn of the Sithian Church that is content to let their priests tell them that they were the devil just because they had silver hair and green eyes! Who were taught to believe that they were the monsters. Maybe they were.

    Veronica couldn't remember what life was like before finding herself on a taxi to the building. Now that the false memories were wiped, she vaguely remembers the impulse to go seek out the Kloseff. Befriend. Sort out her memories as to what was fact, and what was fiction. As far as San having anything to do with her situation, she had decided to trust her partner. Would anything had gone any different otherwise?

    Hell, San and Veronica were still a team. After her partner and trusted friend recovered, they were right back to what they were best at. Intellegence. San usually went to talk to informants, and Veronica hacked Kinuko's database. Usually thwarted by Georgette naturally.

    If Veronica really wanted to, she could make sure she put Gadget out of the way for a while. However, there was still mercy towards the Soul after all this time. Gadget was working for the other side, but it was a hard situation. Can't go out of their way to help the woman, but she doesn't want to be as brutal as she can be due to past history.

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