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    Error in Terror


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    Error in Terror Empty Error in Terror

    Post by Lotus on Thu Dec 29, 2011 8:21 am

    Kamyllia De Villionne
    I think I got a bonus from a crane game actually that looks good
    Terror Mountain and Roo Island vs Lost Desert and Maraqua?
    for the Klosef and Rousseau parent vs parent boy girl bet?
    I would say the guys won?
    Maraqua took 4th, but Lost desert was 13
    Daddy teams 8&9

    July 11Shandee Nis
    sandra: h-how did THAT happen?
    hubby looks awed and half disbelieving

    July 11Kamyllia De Villionne
    Gaddy pats her momma's shoulders as Avril stands stunned. "Sorry Mama. You made da bet."
    Avril: Don't know, but it was a close one.

    July 11Shandee Nis
    Hints of glee over at the girls. "Losers take the kids on a nanny free fieldtrip was it?... with sugar involvd?"

    July 11Kamyllia De Villionne
    Gaddy nods most enthusiastically.

    July 11Shandee Nis
    sandras husband has a grin thats gonna get him hurt

    July 11Kamyllia De Villionne
    Lucas looks over the results again. "We barely got out of that one..." He is still in the disbelief while his daughter scampers off to spread the news. They were waiting for the results on that one.
    Avril glances up at her husband, "Your team STILL puts the error in terror." She figured she could say that since Maraqua still beat them, but was not enough to win the bet. "Maybe next year we should have a re-match."

    July 11Shandee Nis
    san husband looks nervous "maybe, but I dont wanna tempt fa-" sees sandras narrowed eyes "Yes dear. rematch it is." ^^;
    "But ion that note--" goes over to stairs as he's been forced into a rematch, he was making htis years victory good. "KIDS! Moms say you pick the place!" (Myriad of cheers upstairs and death glares from sandra)
    cheeky cheating-death grin from hubby

    Kamyllia De Villionne
    Almost three unanimous screams for water park at least.

    July 11Shandee Nis
    echoed by the others lol
    sugar , slides, floaties, AND water? whoooooo-hoooo

    July 11Kamyllia De Villionne
    Civilian kiddos to drown

    July 11Shandee Nis
    ooooooooo a public water park, typically a forbidden zone. Even BETTER!

    July 11Kamyllia De Villionne
    Rousseau and Klosef own the wave pool
    like, chase all the brat civies out of it.
    and the really nice twisty water slides.
    Avril smiles faintly as Lucus agrees to the rematch as well. "Well... You were looking for an excuse to wear your new bikini."

    July 11Shandee Nis
    Sandra "True.. I cant kill him, i need to cream him in next years match."
    It gives us a year to find someplace the kid'll wanna go with the losers next year
    A whole mission free day with the mommies! In a pool!

    July 11Kamyllia De Villionne
    "Oh, their missing one little detail here." Avril glances over. "Rule Number 40: Try to not get Klosef and Rousseau females plotting together against you. IT WILL NOT END WELL. Their giving us not only motive, but time."

    July 11Shandee Nis
    Sandra gives an evil smile

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