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    Character Development Sheet Empty Character Development Sheet

    Post by Lotus on Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:45 pm

    Character Development
    by ~disquietism


    CONCEPT: Here you input brief (mostly two words or max one sentence) description of your character. The concept should somehow flesh basic mood of your character. Some people use combination of adjectives and professions.

    STORY/CHRONICLE: Choose his role in your story. Is he main protagonist? Ally? Antagonist? Important Side Character? If you are creating roleplaying character for your chronicle then decide if he is player character or storyteller NPC. For interviewing minor characters you can cut off most of the questions and let them ask only questions relevant to their role in your story or game chronicle.
    Example: Lost Daughter, Betrayed Lover, Flagellant, Insecure Manipulator, Compassionate Whore, Perverted Freak, Paranoid Bookworm, Merciful Psychiatrist, Guilty Soldier, Bum with insight, etc.

    •What is your name? Is it true or fake?
    •How old are you? Do you look appropriate for your age? Do you look younger or older than your age?
    •What do you do in your free time?
    •What motivates you? What do you want? Why? How are you planning to achieve it?
    •What kind of skills do you possess? Artistic? Social? How did you learn those skills? Natural talents? Research? Training? Did you take box classes to learn brawl? How exactly do you use those skills in your life? Did your brawl skill help you get the job as bodyguard at local club? Or save your life when you got into a bar fight?

    •Are you generally extrovert person who enjoys being in a big company? Or you prefer spend your time alone and being around people makes you nervous? How do you feel around people? Are you the social butterfly of the company? Do you have difficulties to keep people interested? Are you feeling uncomfortable around them?
    •What are your virtues? Are you generous? Calm? Wise? Hopeful? Forgiving? Describe some situation your virtue would manifest.
    •What are your vices? Are you greedy? Hot-tempered? Manipulative? Selfish? Gluttonous? What kind of situation would get you into troubles because of your vice? How do you feel about your vices? Are you reconciled with it or you try to fight with it? How?
    •How do you react to stress? Do you isolate yourself and wait for the stressful period go away? Do you overwhelm yourself with work and activities to forget about it? Do you face this stressful situation and try to solve it? Are you easy to stress? What situations stress you the most? Feeling helpless? Too much responsibility?
    •What do you fear the most? Being isolated? Death of loved ones? Physical pain? Social embarrassment? Do you have some phobias?
    •Do you lie often? Why? To protect someone? Yourself? Are you a good liar or people always can tell that you are not telling the truth?
    •Do you have any derangement? Are you paranoid? Obsessive-compulsive? Do you suffer from depression? Schizophrenia? Anxiety? Multiple personality? Etc. How did you come to this and how does it manifest in your ordinary life?

    •What impression do you invoke in people? Are you greasy, elegant or extravagant?
    •How does your look manifest in social situations? Does your beauty help you manipulate men/women? Does your neat look and fine clothes help you to get into VIP clubs or gain attention in your political attempts? Are you given loathsome looks from outsiders because of your weird and worn-out clothes? Are people afraid of you because you look like a member of a gang?
    •Describe yourself as you would talk about someone else.
    •What is your body build? Are you slim? Muscular? How did you achieve it? Did you work out or did you have some military training?
    •Do you have any unusual feature? Scar? Piercing? Tattoo? Freckles?
    •Any permanent handicap? Do you miss one or more limbs? Do you use a wheel or crutch? Are you blind? Deaf? Mute? How does it affect your life? And how did that happened? Accident? Were you born this way?

    •How do other people feel in your company? Do they interact with you just from politeness? Do they like listen to your stories? Do they find easy to be in your company? What draws people towards you? Your warmth? Honesty? Money? What draws them back from you? You morality? Weird habits? Your look?
    •How is your relationship with your family? Are you close or you avoid them as much as you can? Why?
    •Do you have a lot of friends? Do you have only one or few people you like to hang out? How long do you know each other? (Just for the most close friends)
    •How is your relationship with coworkers? Do they like you or they gossip you behind your back?
    •A) Do you have a partner? Are you married/divorced/widowed? How long are you together?
    B) Is there someone you care about but you aren't together. Why? Is he committed, far away? Or he doesn't feel the same way? Maybe he doesn't know about your affection towards him?
    •Do you have any kids? If yes, how old are they and how is your relationship with them? If not, what is your opinion on kids? Do you want some, later in life or you think they are ungrateful bastards?
    •What kind of partner are you? Loyal? Manipulative? Unfaithful? Are you superficial person who favor look over personality? What love means to you? Good sex? Vulnerability? Trust? Sign of weakness? Influence? Power?
    •Do you have enemies? Is it personal or business based rivalry? Are you afraid of him? Why? Is he powerful? Crazy? Desperate? Maybe you took man she wanted away from her. Maybe you endangered his black market business with your investigation or maybe you just saw something you shouldn't…
    Or maybe he is an ex-lover who couldn't take no as an answer…

    •Where do you live? Do you live alone? With Family? Partner? Roommates?
    •What do you for a living? Do you have a job? Are you a criminal or from wealthy family?
    •Do you like your job? How did you get into it? Would you like to do something else?
    •Did you go to college? Were you good student or you didn't finish it at all?
    •What kind of places do you often visit? Bars? Clubs? What kind? Goth clubs? Jazz Saloons? Punk bars? Maybe you prefer going to Parks? Historical places of your city? Restaurants? Libraries? Other places of interest?
    •How was your childhood? Were you a happy child? Spoiled? Did you help your parents? Were you anxious? Why?

    •Describe your first encounter with the supernatural? How did you feel? Horrified? Curious? Enchanted? Did you think that you have gone insane?
    •How existence of such creatures changed you? Do you feel like world around you is a lie? Did you become paranoid and aware of everyone around you? Or do you voluntarily seek them out?
    •Do you want to investigate them further? Become one of them? (If possible) Hunt them down? Reveal their existence into the world? Do you want to blackmail them to gain influence and money? Do you want to understand them? Ignore everything you saw because of your own safety?

    •Someone you care about is in life-danger, you can try to save him but risk your own life. What do you do? Do you try to save him and probably die or you sacrifice him and get out alive?
    •Someone offers you a lot of money but you must arrange explosion of the newly reconstructed orphanage. There should be no casualties because it is still empty but this building was reconstructed for the kids who lived on the streets in horrible conditions. Would you do it?
    •You are seriously sick. there is no cure for you. Your partner wants to stay with you till the end. You know you will be dying in horrible conditions. You know you will start to hate yourself and everyone around you. Would you tell him to let you go or you would chain him to yourself until the end no matter how much pain, seeing you like this, it would cause him?
    •You meet someone you fall in love with but you are already married to someone else. Your spouse is wealthy and powerful. On the other side with this new lover you don't have any future. You are too different and for some reason you can't be together even if you weren't married. If you tell your spouse about him you will lose everything. Will you choose to sacrifice your status and luxury for spending little time of passion and love? Or will you abandon your desire for the other one because you are afraid of losing standard of living you are used to? Or you want both, no matter how amoral it is.
    •You are going home from the party. Sun is almost coming out. On the abandoned street you see two men in the corner. They are mocking someone who is chained to iron bar. You scream at them to leave the poor guy alone. They don't listen to you so you come closer and push into one of them. When they turn around you can tell that those men aren't human. Something animalistic is in their faces. You make a few steps away from them. Their eyes are glowing and growling sounds come out from their mouths. '' This is none of your business, kin. Get lost!''
    The second one viciously smiles at you. ''Don't go, I am getting hungry…''
    How would you handle this situation? Will you try to run even that you know they will probably go after you, anyway? Or would you try to fight them even that you know you probably can't stand a chance? Will you try to persuade them to let you go? Even that means that you won't be able to help the chained man? Or will you try to negotiate with them to let you and the chained man go?
    •You are working for research facility. You find out they do horrible experiments on supernatural creatures. You have opportunity to release all monsters free but if you do that you will be exiled from your own community and monsters won't forget that you were one of the people who tortured them. So will you undergo the isolation from your own kind and risk vengeance of creatures just because you feel that it is right thing to do? Or will you cowardly pretend that what your people do to them is not atrocity because monsters aren't human, after all.

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