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    Notes for Tangled Webs


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    Notes for Tangled Webs Empty Notes for Tangled Webs

    Post by Lotus on Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:38 am

    Claire's morning had come to a bit of a slow start. Well, long start is more like it. Memories of fights that she would rather forget had invaded her dreams. Dreams that she would rather not have had and said she did. Other than sit up in bed watching Hope sleep like nothing in the world was out of place. Lightning found herself envying that ability time, but she couldn't grudge him for it. The academy work that he still does is quite draining, just as draining and HAD to be more monotonous than her job during the day. Ok, she had to admit it. There were nights that he would get fitful sleep that he stayed up all night.

    While they may not have done anything along the lines of marraige consumation, they did share a room. With saving cocoon and fighting to save the timeline, the both of them had been through more together than to worry. Things were as they were, may put on a show to the public, but wanted to be something of a married couple. It was hard to explain, but for them it just worked.

    The reason for the explanation, Claire had gotten up, and make her way to the closet. Changing into her work uniform while her partner continue sleeping. His back was to her, Lightning wasn't worried about Hope looking at her blue panties while she dressed. Though by the time she made it out of the room, the woman gave Hope one last look and grunted in amusement. Well, the signs were there for SOME interesting dream.

    That was another thing that life didn't really phase her with. You share a bed with a your husband regardless if you two perform together or not, that's going to happen. It's just a part of human nature. It's how men behave when they wake up that causes her to decide if they get hit or not. So far, today... She will tease.

    Claire walked through the hallway, listening for signs that Snow or Serah would be up. Their house caught fire the last week, so they were moved into there for the time being. Sure, they had the funds to get them another house, but it was decided that a few weeks of not having to deal with that and sister time could be fun. Their children should be at school.

    Breakfast of Corn Flakes was rather uneventful. Not a whole lot to say about that until Hope had made his appearance, awake and looking in more presentable shape than he was while he was sleeping. Not that Claire was expecting any different. When their conversation was finished, she was still chuckling a little. If Hope collected on that iced beverage or not, that was up to him. Teasing the hell out of him just felt like the right thing to do.

    Lighting had put on her game face, picking her cell phone up off the table, and headed into her room to retrieve the gunblade when it went off. "Commander Estheim." she greeted, recognizing the number to be the General that she was assigned under. Give it a bit of time, she had stated in the past, and she will be interested in taking more responsibility. For now, like Hope, she was just interested in laying low for a while.

    After listening to what the general had to say, she pursed her lips. "Yes Sir, I will take the day off." Lightning had made it sound like it was a great inconvience to do so. Days off were alright, she planned to spend some with Serah, but to be required to be at her best for the function... Sounded like someone just didn't want to deal with her today. Oh well... Lightning hung up the phone, and put it in one of her vest pockets. Might as well make the best of it.

    Walking into the living room, Light had turned on the tv. Bored, the woman had spent a few hours flipping through the channels. "Shouldn't you be at work?" a surprised femine voice asked.

    Lightning felt a little relieved, for Serah had woke up. "They gave me the day off. They want me dressed for that ridiculous function tonight. Something new and different was recommended."

    Serah hadn't much to say about that, other than to shrug. Thankful that she didn't have to deal with that as much as Claire did. "You should buy the most expensive thing you can find for Snow and me, as well as yourself and send THEM the bill for your trouble."

    Serah and Lightning had talked. They were given the option of being able to go to this with them. Snow didn't really want to do to this hoity toityness, but Serah gave him those eyes. The eyes that would guarantee that he would give into her will.

    "Don't tempt me," Light answered, amused at this idea. If you asked her idea of something that looked nice and comfortable, it wouldn't be some over priced silk dress that will only be used for one day. It was bad enough trying to get her to pick out a wedding dress. Too much lace, too exposed, is this a dress or a tent? The list went on...

    "The guys are lucky that they just can wear a suit and be just fine." Light complained some more, though it had just occured to her... "We are going to have to get Snow a new suit sooner or later anyways. Lets just pray to Etro that the tailors already have something close to his size..."

    Maybe it was a good thing that Lightning had the day off. Time with Serah and a chance to actually make sure her gorilla of a man actually looked presentable. His trench coat was really the only thing of his that made it out of that fire since he used it to keep as much of the smoke out of the kid's faces as he could.

    Meantime, Hope had gotten to work and the day started just as he predicted it would. Presentation of what was going on. The restoration/renovation/whatever the heck funds it was called had been approved by the council. Now, the man could retire to his office, perhaps have someone deliver some chinese for lunch or something.

    Taking a moment to rest for a moment, Hope would punch the numbers to call Alyssa to his office.

    "Oh, hello Mr. Esthiem," the irritating assistant had answered, attempting to sound coy. It was looking to be one of those days. Just when Hope thinks he had gotten through to her, she lays low for a while and try getting his attention then.

    If only he didn't actually need her mind when she could be effectively put on research.

    "I have an errand for you to run." Hope got to the point. Not really tones of friendliness, but of buisness is usual. When Zydele was like this, it was the only way to deal with her. Not without threatening to fire her, which she knows until he finds a suitable replacement, he will just deal with her.

    She looked put off for a moment, then put a finger to the side of her lips, as if trying to call attention to them. "Just what -kind- of errand?"

    "Just a delivery and pickup. Simple today." Hope continued in the tone, looking at his computer screen that was much more interesting than her. Trying to keep this as painless for him as possible. "Take my suit to the drycleaners and have it back by four."

    She started to get closer, to see what it was on his screen that she was in competition with. Hope had lifted his right hand to support his chin, subtly showing the fact that he did have a wedding band on. The common assumption for that would be, I am married, not interested.

    Leaning over, Alyssa tried to not be daunted by this non humilitating push. "You know, I was thinking, it's not looked down on us to have lunch together. Perhaps I could 'treat' you?"

    Hope stared straight at her without a hint of amusement on his face. Backing away like the time she grabbed his arm in front of Noel and Serah when he met them those years ago. When he was actually 24 years old, and no time skips.

    "Listen. I.am.married. I do not have any interest in cheating on her. Back Off." Hope spelled out that he wasn't interested. Letting Alyssa walk off in a huff, to do what she was supposed to do.

    Leaning back in his comfortable chair, Hope rubbed his forehead. Hopefully Light's day will go better than this.

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