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    Soul Handbook Empty Soul Handbook

    Post by Lotus on Tue Mar 20, 2012 4:49 am

    2: As a rookie, you can and will be pranked for the amusement of the seniors. Keep in mind that one day you will be replaced and you can join in on the pranking.

    3: Hiring a lap dancer for the president does not boost morale. (We get it taken out of our paychecks)

    4: Vacations usually end up being at the same resort as a high ranking Kinuko Employee, or babysitting company assets. You can expect paperwork due when you get back to the office.

    9: Plan B is not automatically twice as much gunpowder as Plan A.

    10 Synchronized panicking is not a proper battle plan.

    11: and as a Soul, you never SHOULD panic. Looks bad on the paperwork.

    12: Warnings given retroactively in battle aren't appreciated.

    23: Know every plausible alibi. Stick with the ones that will work.

    24. If you have no alabi, have someone to blame.

    25. Researchers, grunts, pr departments , and wutaian insurgents tend to make a ready supply of scapegoats.

    34: If all else fails, blow it to smithereens!

    38: Try to keep the big guns and the Klosef away from eachother? Just accept the fultility of your idea and get out of the way.

    42: If the woman in labor is a Kloseff or a Rousseau, danger is doubled. Expect guns.

    43: DO NOT TOUCH a bloodsouls gunblade without permission

    44: Use brings about wear, tear and rust
    Addition: Never. Leave. One. Out. In the Open. Again.

    45: Do not apply grease, superglue, or any other agent to a blood-Souls Gunblade.
    45.1: You will die (Sanura's handwriting)

    46: Bloodsouls are worse than Gollum and the Ring about their gunblades. Seriously. Scuff it and they...will...KILL...you

    47: They may kill you if you snicker and refer to the gunblade as "their preciousssssssss' in a high raspy whisper.

    48: Are we clear on leaving the gunblades alone yet?

    50: Never tell your trainer that you have never done something that could potentially bite you in the ass.

    52: Always know where to hide a body.
    52.1: Especially if they touch your gunblade.

    53: (in shakey handwriting) Some Souls have Authority and/or ability to turn off the safty features on the sim room.... Always always ALWAYS try to keep in good graces of other team mates...

    54: Blood souls know how to hold grudges without affecting their mission success ratings...

    58: Suprise testing is rarely a good thing. Keep on your guard and remember that shooting the scientist is frowned upon in this establishment.

    75: We are ALWAYS on the clock, except for critical moments when we are on break.

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