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    Post by Lotus on Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:48 am

    Kyra Hangover Despair1
    Wasn't this a lovely morning? The sun shining through the window. The birds chirping? The hussle and bustle of the residents as they started to move into their morning routine? It was the makings of a beautiful day in the House of Silvermane. In theory, Kyra would find herself thrilled to wake up to her own customized quarters in the estate!

    Except she wasn't.

    It wasn't any means intended to insult the quality of life in the house. The blame was the pounding headache and the upset stomach that signaled a hangover... The blond sat in her bed holding her face telling herself that she shouldn't kill the damn twittering thing looming outside her window. A common sparrow, nothing more...

    Like many others in this estate, Kyra had her great days, and then she had the days that she found herself plastered after her shift working the bar had ended. Her recovery from the trauma of living in a city that she would LOVE to see burn in flames had actually been progressing. Some days she didn't really think about the place and was in pretty great moods, others needed the help of inebriation to get through the night. She was free now, and that was all that mattered.

    Her time spent there had changed her in ways she felt was actually for the better. Better to learn sooner rather than later the dangers of helping someone that won't help themselves. Yet, she respected the guards that could protect everyone regardless of the would be victim's agendas. Those that could stick with it were great in her books. Military life just wasn't meant to be for her. That's why she's not pretending she is a career soldier.

    Defending the home when there is a large scale attack and the occasional incident is one thing for her. To devote herself to guard work wasn't something she could do. It would stir up too many memories that she would rather forget.

    Muttering a curse, Kyra rolled out of bed and wondered the logic in going downstairs to help see the questers off. She figured when she planned to wake up at this time, it would have been a nice gesture to make sure they were appreciated? She reached into a drawer in her bedside, retrieved the meds out of a bottle and went to take a drink... That should take care of the hangover at least...

    With a sigh she went into the bathing chamber and started to clense the drunken smell off her and freshen herself up. It would also give the medication a chance to sort of kick in. But as the fates would have it, she still felt like crap when she stepped out of the shower. Dressing in simple grey shirt and brown pants, she slipped on a pair of sandals and started down the hallway, watching those who would pass pass...

    Holding what tidbits were in her stomache as Dante had passed by, Kyra realized that she could have been like that when she woke up. Just what exactly did he do? Get it on with a skunk? The woman had found herself surprised that she didn't say that out loud! Wonder it may be...

    She continued her downward treck, watching Leonidas and Saura display their affection. Those that have Roan's attention interacting with eachother... Those others around her that names escape her for the moment and she knows who they are... Talked with several times got a nod or a wave.

    Food... Something to settle the complaints of her stomache was first. This way... Perhaps she could look like something other than showered zombie. "Eeeegggghhhhh," she grunted at Devlin, Shade, and some other random guy who she may or may not have seen before. At this point, she didn't know, didn't care. They were laughing about something, and that was all she cared to know. The groan was supposed to be a hello, hi, salutations... Whatever it is that they say hello in whatever language they wished to translate. She didn't care.

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