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    Mylaervain MylaTrue
    Name: Mylaervian
    Nationality: Undisclosed

    Race: Half Elven/ Demigoddess
    Symbolic Creature: White Phoenix
    Age: 13/14

    Alignment: Chaotic
    Element: Born of light, blessed by Darkness... Yen and Yang
    Character Class: Magic User/ Illusionist/ ???

    Eye Color ~ Hazel
    Hair Color ~ Black

    True Appearence: See top Pic
    Eye Color ~ Light Blue
    Hair Color ~ Silver with a tint of Metallic Blue

    Her main appearence is used as a facade, the purpose is to hide who she really is from her enemies. Because of her mother's blood coursing through her veins, her protection is more important to disguise herself as a mere mortal girl. This was designed to help her fit in with her peers, to be able to make friends and be able to walk around not so easily recognized. More information to be played out.

    Place of Residence: Temple

    Mother ~ Dead (Former minor deity of healing)
    Father ~ Dead (Elven Mortal)
    Siblings ~ None

    Guardian: Grace


    ~ Few more held back to reveal Via RP

    Learns Quickly if the subject is of interest to her.

    ~ Common
    ~ Elven

    Personality: Shy, kindhearted, not prone to the cute boy syndrome that has boggled most teenage girl mind. Tolerant of most things. While she's behaved well most of the time, do keep in mind her first friend is Connor Vindictious.

    Quote: "You know," Mylaervian had decided to offer some advice. "If you would pull your eyes off this Dio's whatever and applied at least half of that attention to your studies you might be more than a dunce in your field. I know I wouldn't want to hire you..."

    History: Mylaervain grew up in a country ruled by a tyrannical king, how typical I know, but that is how the rolls came out. Her parents had made a deal, which ended with a journey to A'zyrla. There she lives with a priestess, to make a new life in A'zyrla. This is to be played out of course.

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