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    Post by Lotus on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:47 am

    Shivana Vindictious Shivana3
    Name: Shivana Vindictious
    ~~~ Nickname: Shiv, Shivie
    (Refuses to state the other...)
    ~~~ Alias: The Black Lotus

    Age: 16
    Planned Hgt: 5'9
    Weight: >.> Go away, not saying.

    Race: Ruled by the lunar cycles
    Waxing/Waning: Believed to be human
    Normal Full Moon: Vampiric
    Seasonal Change FM: Lycanthropic

    Eye Color: Cobalt Blue (Shifts colors upon mood)
    Hair Color: Black

    Father: Devlin Vindictious
    Mother: Coventina Vindictious
    Twins: Dio and Thora Vindictious
    Younger Brother: Connor Vindictious

    Aunts: Avangelyne & Magena Vindictious
    Uncles: Haseo, Riker & Rory Vindictious

    Cousins: Too damn many... Cain, Rosary, Ovan, Mya, Alexis... Few of the ones with the Vindictious last name. Others exist, but too many to keep track of... Rory's line... Let's leave it at that.

    Best friends: Tsukiko, Yasmina, Kamyllia.


    Magnetic manipulation to a degree.

    Weapons Preference:
    Throwing Knives
    *Can use swords*

    Since she is as of yet born, and the main boards can take the Gen X boards in twists, I will give what I hope her personality will end up being. Shivana will hopefully be a warmer individual than the other two ladies in her immediate family. (It would be bland to have all females turn out to be ice queens, so she will view her father as the role model in how to treat people..) Known for her to get along with her brothers more than her sister due to the belief that Thora hates her.

    Other personality traits include flirtateous, charismatic and turn into a responsability junkie. Naturally given, she will seek to protect those younger than her, or socially aquard. Not likely to actively do anything that screams pay attention to me, but CRAVES attention. Not a creature to be meant for solitude.

    *To be played out due to the fact she isn't born as of yet.*

    She is My Sin ~ Nightwish
    10th Man Down ~ Nightwish
    It's My Life ~ Bon Jovi
    Note from the typist: Yes, I am aware that it says she is going to be a mistress type character, but no she is not taking slaves at this time. This is to not limit gameplay to one specific board, and is not fair to the other typist involved.

    To see her active in Playground Asinine, it is assumed she is of age to be allowed to be played in such a setting. Will not be found outside of that due to the fact it would screw up time lines royally, unless there is a specific purpose involved.

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