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    Lilac (Kazuki's Dragon)


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    Lilac (Kazuki's Dragon) Empty Lilac (Kazuki's Dragon)

    Post by Lotus on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:53 am

    <center>Lilac (Kazuki's Dragon) Snow_dragon_by_Ironshod</center>
    Lilac (Kazuki's Dragon) LilacSizeSmallThis pic is a size reference. Appearance is the top one.
    ~~~ Statistics ~~~
    Name- Lilac
    Race- DRAGON!!!

    Age- 75 in Human
    Gender- Girl

    Occupation- Pest.
    Social Status- Pet/Known to help her humans
    Owner- Shade Nighthawk
    Generation X - (to be revealed)

    Alignment- Well Meaning

    Size- Big enough to be a pest!

    -- Common
    -- Drow
    -- Draconic
    -- Elven
    -- Lenlicyldian
    -- Can understand and speak to animals

    -- Elemental Magic
    -- Firebreathing
    -- Flight
    -- Size Shifting

    -- Hoarding. What self respecting dragon doesn't have one of these? Okay, mine may not be all gold and jewelry like some of the wilder dragons, but I am proud of my collection. Even if Shade considers most of it junk. (As long as I don't steal it, or fail to contain it, he will leave me alone about it.)
    -- Mischief

    -- I am a DRAGON!!! FEAR ME!!! HEY!!! Your not supposed to LAUGH at my cute attempts to scare you! Okay, okay, I will stop being a brat! but... If you no longer want that item your calling junk, can I have it? (She collects items that's not obviously trash.)

    -- Word to the wise, mess with my people and you mess with me! Got that? Good. Otherwise I will have to bite you on the booty! Shade says I am not allowed to bite it off but I can make it hurt! If you are called the f word (family) then your MINE!!!

    -- I also take pride in being a pest! I HATE being bored.

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