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    Alatariel Ellendill


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    Alatariel Ellendill Empty Alatariel Ellendill

    Post by Lotus on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:56 am

    Name: Alatariel
    ~~Alias: Ala

    Race ~ Auvathyrri (Half Drow Avariel)
    Auvathyrri are reputed to have scraggly birdlike wings or black insect wings. (Alatariel's wings are like a normal avariel and silver). That nobody has ever seen such an elf only lends power to the rumor that they exist and that they slay any who encounter them.

    Eye Color ~ Violet
    Hair ~ Silver

    Wings ~ Silver
    Skin Tone ~ Drow

    Alignment ~ Chaotic Good

    Occupation ~
    ~~~~ Current ~ Employment to the Royalty of A'zyrla
    ~~~~ Future~ Employment to A'zyrla/Kamyllia's Bodyguard

    Sexuality ~ Straight

    Mother ~ Rydia Ellendill (dead)
    Father ~ Unknown

    Siblings ~ Unknown

    Prefered Weopons ~ Glass Steel Weoponry. Blades preffered, but can shoot

    Theme Song(s)
    One Last Breath ~ Creed
    Behind Blue Eyes ~ L.B Version

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