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    Jasper 'Noble'


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    Jasper 'Noble' Empty Jasper 'Noble'

    Post by Lotus on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:59 am

    Name: Jasper
    Alias: Pain

    Age: 16 yrs.
    Race: Lab Rat, feline base

    Hair/Fur: White
    Eyes: Blue

    Alignment: Evil
    Class: Pet?
    Status: Slave?

    Blood: Unknown, runaway

    Noble Family Relationships:
    Jhasper aka Panic: Partner in crime...
    Pontifex: Unknown as of yet...
    Raul: Creator, a god of sorts in his mind... Simply a mortal one...
    Sadie: Mistress, center of the world, girl he devotes his life to.

    Rabid Bite ~ Has a sac like poisonous snakes, instead of venom, carries rabies virus... Blood carries an antidote for it...

    Shift into a White Cat...

    Instruments Played: Harp, Piano.

    More to be posted...

    Come here little mousie, let me skin you alive! Will you give me the delight in knowing it hurts? Where are your heroes? Don't act surprised, they failed me too! Instead my tormentors became my saviors...

    Sadie? What is it that you wish of me, I am yours to command. It is an addiction to perform your very desire, it hurts me when I fail you! (Psionic safety net to ensure that Jasper would never turn and harm Raul's baby.)

    Not much was known about Jasper before his kidnapping... It was theorized that he is a stowaway on a ship... Caught and was bound to be sent to prison in A'zyrla for his crime. Instead of normal guard to take him, it was the umbra, prime and ready for a new victim... One no one would miss. When it was realized that Jasper was nowhere to be found, they brushed him off as an escaped runaway, to be captured if caught in the streets of A'zyrla... What really happened was far worse...

    The story of his experimentation will be played out...

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