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    Elric Kyra KyraSept2408
    Name: Kyra Renee' Elric
    Kyra= Lady / Renee = Reborn

    Alias: Ky, Kysune

    Status: Slave
    Character Class: Mage/Alchemist
    Serves: Vindictious Family, belongs to Devlin (anyone Devlin tells her to listen to, she will. His word is law.)

    Race: Some kind of Kitsune (Lab Rat)

    Age: Appearence 25
    Annually: 80's

    Hair: Naturally Golden Harvest (Wheat)
    * Known to change hair color at will in human form
    * Kitsune form Golden Tabbyish

    Eye Color: Golden Harvest

    Height: About 5'5
    Weight: Varies

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Identifying Markings:
    *Devlin's Brand, Red Mark of the Succubus.

    Elric Kyra Kyraslave

    Father: Assassinated
    Mother: Dead too
    Siblings: Kyle (Believed dead)
    Ghost (Living)

    Relationship: Promised to Korvain
    Children: Not likely to be able to carry


    (Activation Needed)
    Fire Base Abilities *Revealed Via RP*
    Earth/Nature Manipulation

    *Shift between human and kitsune form*

    High Concentration
    Limited Psionics (Due to brand on shoulder)
    Photogenic Memory
    Shadow Vision



    Kyra is a loyal slave, she would do what it took to make her master happy. Not wanting to embarass him or his family. She hates helping people that are not willing to help themselves before she helps them. Kyra is also not known to be fond of strangers these days, preferring the company of those she knows. At work, Kyra will not let this get in the way of her service.

    Normally, she is gentle, caring, hardworking, can take anything coming from the right people. In kitsune form, she has to work at being cute. Can be playfull. Depends on her mood and who you are.

    When she needs to, she can act fearless, seemingly unafraid of death. Make no mistake about it, should you threaten someone she cares about and is allowed to do something about it, Kyra is more than likely gonna try to fight till the problem is no more, or she is ordered to stop by the right person.

    Elric Kyra KyraKitCuteV2

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