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    Shade Nighthawk ShadeBasicProfile
    Name: Shade Nighthawk
    Age: 100?
    Sex: Male
    Race: Half Elven
    Status: Vampiric

    Class: ???/Paladin

    Social Status:
    Prince of Lenlicyld & A'zyrla

    Eyes: Blue (Redden when angered)
    Hair: Black
    Skin Tone: Light Tan

    ~Spoken Languages~

    Beloved: Sindarosiel
    Children: Krystal and Jeran, Kazuki

    Elder Triplet: Rayne Nighthawk
    Younger Triplet: Skye Nighthawk
    Youngest Sister: Asra Nighthawk


    Paladin Skills
    Panther Shifter
    Wing Growth
    Magic Use

    ~Public Demeanor~
    Like many people, Shade prefers life when things are running smooth. However, he can be quite the overprotective worrywart. He tends to try to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders and act as nothing was wrong if it would spare his siblings the grief. He tries to behave like a gentleman in the presence of a lady.

    Title? Shade is the sort that doesn't really care for the title of prince, but since his sister was the one on the throne, he learned to do deal with it. He doesn't carry himself like he is one of the most important people around A'zyrla, preferring to treat people with respect in return for theirs.

    Battle? That is something he takes seriously...

    Punts his typist as he would rather forget quite a bit of it....
    (Typist) Oh come on! It's not ALL that bad!
    Shade: I know the point where I met Paris on was better but.....
    (Typist) Fine... I will add it one point or another....
    Shade: You can start with recent stuff if you insist on some of my history.
    (Typist) Fine... Have it your way....

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