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    Post by Lotus on Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:22 am

    Name; Alexander Corbeau Klosef
    Age:16-17 (Emancipated Adult)
    Occupation: Initiate : Luna's Guard

    Nicknames: Zander, Crow

    Hair: Blond
    Eyes: Grey

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    150% Damage: None
    Elemental Resistance: None
    Elemental Absorb: None

    Occupation: complicated

    Noise - Tokio Hotel
    Buisness - Brian May
    Safe and Sound - FF Advent Children Soundtrack

    Identifying Features:
    Pin on his shirt detonating a guard to Luna

    *** Demolitions
    *** Monkey Genes
    *** 'Pockets'

    Weapon: Vanishing Star

    Favored Arms:Gun Blade

    Luna's Insignia Pendant:
    (Acts as Star Pendant with a Materia slot)

    *** Common
    *** Wutain

    What talent he has at the arts of battle and skills necessarily to become a member of the organization Soul, he lacks in social experience. Acting like a normal teenage boy should is beyond his reach most of the time. If he can't be busy working with his hands, he gets bored easily. Does not like to be center of attention, or made out to be something special when he doesn't feel like he is.

    Due to an inferiority complex, he will try to push himself as hard as he can so that he can feel like he is actually contributing to something, and doesn't like to be put at the center of attention. Doesn't feel like how quick he's latching to Wutain culture as anything to be impressed with.

    While he didn't make himself known at first when he had went to Wutai, Alexander was born into an Elite family. Born into a world of privilege, secluded away from the lesser class families. Taught and trained from the time he can start to walk to want to become a Soul, Alexander ran away from home, intending to... Well... Long story short, that didn't go according to plan, and is ashamed of what he was thinking.

    However, that opened his eyes to the other side... Able to actually see the world outside of his families' estate, he was able to see more of the truth than what he had thought, he decided it was better to stay in Wutai. Even if it means that he is a canidate for a sniper shot.

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