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    The Mother's Anger (WIP)


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    The Mother's Anger (WIP) Empty The Mother's Anger (WIP)

    Post by Lotus on Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:06 am

    Her left hand combed through the blond hair of her eldest son. The left had held his hand. He at the moment looked peaceful enough that she was almost fooled. Julius was the worst case of the youth, and the reports are saying that he wasn't the only target. Just the first one that was targeted by this poison attempt of the youth.

    Avril KNEW something was wrong, but since it was only him, she didn't think to have tests run! For the last week, his scores at the sims that should have been easy for him have been slipping. It looked like he was catching something, and the other youth had been alright until today at least.

    She listened to the doctors try to work with the other youth. Lucas was helping the others with the Klosef Mob and comforting Georgette and Avery. The more tests that were coming in on the kids, the angrier she got. Thankfully, the worst of the results were on the older ones, and that the two year old has come out pretty clean. It really broke her heart... Seeing her son with that breathing tube in his nose...

    The staff were being questioned by another of the academy grads, while two of the others were asked if they would go through the kitchen and anywhere that dishes were kept, and throw out all of the food. Sealed stuff was never opened up to their judgement if they wanted to take home or not.

    Avril wasn't going to be comfortable until everything that has been opened, or could have been opened was in the house and comsumable. Even if it meant replacing everything and buying all new consumables. Not when her eldest hasn't woken up from the prune juice. From what the doctor's have told her when they ran their analysis, if San hadn't give him the juice and him colapse on them, they would have lost him overnight. She saved his life.

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