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    Gadget on Heiner's Dissapearence.


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    Gadget on Heiner's Dissapearence. Empty Gadget on Heiner's Dissapearence.

    Post by Lotus on Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:04 am

    Georgette watched as the other department heads gathered around the table in the board meeting room. Standard security were posted. One of the academy grads that had just finished the training at the head standing guard. She was acting director of Soul for the moment, so she was sitting in the appropriate setting. The other department heads sat there, bickering among themselves around what to do with the Rogue Guardian, Heiner.

    Suddenly, she just couldn’t help it anymore, and broke out into laughter. “Listen to yourselves,” she spoke up, as if she had not a care in the world. “Heiner the big bad monster is out there making plans to come visit you in the night, and all you can do is bicker among yourselves. No real plan that can stand a chance at stopping him either, no challenge at all."

    She took a breath, and twiddled a finger in her air. Talking as if she were half immersed in thought while staring into the air. "Perhaps he will see fit to pay me a visit as well... Wonder if I am even a challenge."

    There was a sense of finality to it. While she had survived this long, it was that sense of death wish that she couldn't act on. Daniel seemed like a good guy, but she had to wonder how long he was going to tolerate her before he decides that she's not a sane choice and walks away.

    She wasn't even watching the overweight or super skinny members of the board to know that perhaps she had their attention. The fact of the matter is, Heiner is at large, and the way he was designed, he was next to unstoppable. They wanted a tank and they got it. Now the tank had realized the crime against him and had betrayed the company.

    "Murders deserve to be murdered."

    Those words still haunt her. Gadget may have realized some things about how their families came to be traited, but that still doesn't excuse the fact that she still has taken lives that the company had ordered her to take. The debate is hard to tell... Is she the gun, or is she the finger that pulls the trigger.

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