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    Post by Lotus on Sat Nov 26, 2011 6:39 am

    This will be kept simple, since I know everyone I link here.

    1) Forums are pg 13

    2) 1 Thread per subject/character if you post in the main forum.
    Note: If you have a subforum set up, that's yours to do with as you see fit as long as it stays in forum's rating/rules.

    If you intend to post several threads, feel free to poke me about making your own storage subforum. You will have modship over your thread.

    3) Don't post in other's threads/subforums without permission.
    ~~~ Until brought to my attention, I will presume if it's not spam, you have permission.

    4) Please let me be the one to link to forums, if you want to show stuff, keep it in the group, or ask me if you can show this person. Anyone that I haven't shown, please messenge them with it by other means.

    (or if you know they already have the lurker account info, feel free to link away)

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