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    Post by Lotus on Mon Apr 02, 2012 1:19 am

    If you would have asked Hope while he was a L'cie if he would be ever caught playing with dolls, you would have gotten a very adamant no. Dolls were girlish things, and not something he would get caught dead doing. Things change when your an adult, and love spending time with your baby girl doing things that will make her smile. Even if it means playing with barbies. If there was one thing to be thankful for, Haliegh didn't like playing with those infantile baby dolls. Cabbage Patch Kids seemed to be worse for wear. Spending an hour on his nights off playing with dolls is a manly thing to do because it makes his kid happy.

    Hope did find himself happy when the clock read 7:25 PM. That was when pretending that barbie wanted nothing more than to open a dress salon and pretend that there was nothing wrong in the world. It seemed engaging and thrilling to his pink with the occasional platinum streak haired little girl, and that was what really counted. At least he had a fairly moderate okay looking Ken doll to make it a little better anyhow.

    Besides, Haleigh was only five years of age, so it was only natural that hair salon was the peak of her creative imagination. She is a smart little girl, but he would be worried that if Barbie was kidnapped, then yeah... Something's not right if she actually started playing that out. Basically, enjoy the stuff that you are doing right, and try to not worry that your doing something wrong.

    Better off easier said than done, right?

    Hope pointed over towards the digital display on a Princess Luna clock, standing on a Cherrywood Nightstand. "What numbers are those?" Hope asked, getting the attention over to the clock.

    "Seven, Two, Six," Haleigh answered, as the number changed while she was trying to repeat what the numbers were. She almost said five, but corrected herself on time. Then looked up, expecting to be corrected or praised when she was correct.

    "That's right," Hope replied, the pride sounding in his voice. "Can you tell me what that means?"

    Haleigh thought for a moment, trying to place the meaning of the numbers.

    "What day is it?" Hope asked, patiently waiting for her to realize what day it was.

    Haleigh asks, hoping she got it right. It was cute, the way she was afraid of being told she was wrong and borderline cry fest. "Saturday?"

    Then the perk of everything sinking in. Haleigh eyes lit up, forgetting about the barbie whose hair she was trying to braid. Arms reached up as Hope bent over, picking Haleigh up gently, and tucking her in his arm. Reaching over to the bed, he would pick up the Twilight Sparkle plushie that was on the bed, the MLP Blanket and start the walk downstairs.

    She was ghiddy, wishing that her daddy would hurry up and get downstairs and let the ponies come on. After turning on the tv, grabbing the remote and sitting down, the girl climbed to sit in her daddy's lap. Covering up with the blanket and turning it to the right channel, Haleigh squealed out of delight and her eyes were glued to the tv.

    Yes, a grown man can sit on the couch with his little girl and enjoy watching a little kid's cartoon. It was a ritual thing that no matter now busy he or Light got, unless there was some sort of special circumstance that required a sitter.

    Yeah, there was no shame in being able to identify what pony was who and keep up with the storyline. Fluttershy was the yellow pegasus pony with pink hair, Rainbow Dash was Cyan with a Rainbow Mane. Twilight Sparkle was purple and loved her books. Princess Celestia and Luna were at least a thousand years old. Yeah, it was good to keep tabs on the story of the things you let your kids watch, and maybe deep down, he enjoyed the light plot of it too.

    During commercial, Haleigh looked bored, so Hope turned his attention to the blanket that they shared. Pointing to Rainbow, Hope asked who that was.

    "That's Auntie Fang," she stated, "Loud and sure of herself. She's always there if you want her."

    Hope smiled, not quite what he was expecting, when he decided to ask about Vanille. Haleigh had pointed to Pinkie Pie. A laugh when he heard the logic. Vanille was always happy and bouncy and always played with her.

    "Whose Spike?" Hope asked, as Haleigh looked at the dragon. "That's Maqui. He's small and helpful."

    Not much to be explained there, as Haleigh continued. "Uncle Snow is Big Mac. He's big and strong and knocked down mommy's tree when someone tried to kidnap Evan."

    Evan was Snow and Serah's child. A couple years older than she was, and so far taking after his father in size. Light hoped that he wouldn't take after the brains part. Snow just keeps laughing that off. Their relationship is better than what it was in Bodhum, so it was mostly just teasing.

    "Alright then, I can see that." Hope replied, to be cut off by the episode turning back on. He was loved, but forgotten for the moment as the child was caught up by magic and the marvels of friendship. Such as life.

    A clip with Princess Celestia had turned up, and Haleigh pointed to the screen. "Mommy! Smart and Pretty and Magical. She's really the boss."

    Well, Hope was glad that someone had agreed with that statement. "What about Auntie Serah?" he asked, curious of what he would say about that.

    "She's Twilight Sparkle," Haleigh yawned, getting sleepy, but she would always be awake till the end credits of the show. "Super smart and eager to help."

    There weren't really all that many male ponies in the show except for the guards, and Spike was Maqui. He kinda liked Spike, but the little girl's imagination of something like that wasn't to be questioned.

    "So, what pony am I?" he asked, when the show was over. Haleigh looked up with sleepy eyes, thought for a moment. Oh wow... Hope betted that he was going to be stuck with some sort of pony in some sort of gender bended role.

    "There is no daddy pony," she relented. "There will be one day! When he comes, he will be uber awshome. (awesome.)" Haleigh wrestled up the energy to wrap her small arms around her daddy's shoulders in a gesture of daughterly love. Hope returned the hug, treasuring every moment as if there will never be a chance. At work, this was a task and a half. He has several pictures of his family in his office. He's even heard jokes about him and this Major Hughes from some sort of alchemist series.

    Hope turned off the tv, rocking back and forth, saying good night to his little princess. When she fell asleep, Hope carefully walked upstairs to place her in the pony bed. Then to turn on the Princess Luna nightlight. The child never let that plushie go either, he realized, and smiled.

    Yes, enjoying a show with his daughter while she's in the world is sunshine and rainbows age was fatherly, and therefore, a manly thing to do.

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