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    Enya Kasumi


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    Enya Kasumi

    Post by Lotus on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:42 am

    Name: Enya Kasumi
    Origin: Celtic - Japenese

    Enya ~ Shimmering, Small Fire
    Kasumi ~ Mist
    Shimmering (Blazing) Mist

    Age: 16-17 (Generation X)

    Race: 1/4 Dragon, 1/2 Kitsune, 1/4 Revealed in RP
    Appears: Elven/Kitsune

    Distinguishing Features:
    Tattoo on one arm

    Dojo: Ryu no Sosei
    Sensei: Akatsuki Shi

    Shifter - Furry White Fox thing with Draconic Scaly Wings, breathes fire in this form.
    Soul Transfer*

    Calm, yet quick to laugh. Honest with herself and those around her. Outgoing, known to flirt time to time. Prefers to look into a situation if she can before jumping into it. Long fuse to her temper. Displays what appears to be an air of unshakable confidence in herself, but not to the point of being egotistic. Team Player.

    Before she was born, her family had moved out of A'zyrla. This was during the time of the last tyrant of a king, before the Queen Rayne had stepped up to the throne. Knowing a day would come that they could return to their homelands, the Kasumi family sent payments for the taxes to keep their home belonging to them. A few months before Enya and her mother followed, Mr. Kasumi traveled to A'zyrla once again, to make sure their home was in proper condition

    * More in Upcoming Post.

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    Re: Enya Kasumi

    Post by Lotus on Sat Aug 06, 2011 1:43 am

    Soul Transfer:

    Enya can transfer all or part of her soul to any object as long as it doesn't already have a soul. She can not take control of anything with a soul. It only lasts a limited time.

    If most of her soul is transferred into an object, her body becomes unresponsive. In times of danger, she can be woke up by a jolt of pain. Depending on how far away the item she is controlling is, it can take a few minutes to come to.

    A) When the alloted time is up, the soul will automatically lose grip on the object it is possessing, to return to it's body. The object just sits where it is at until it's connected, but a residual energy is left for retrieval later. The residual effect only lasts three days before it completely fades away.

    B) If someone that knows how to trap a soul into an object, the soul can not return to the body, but remains stuck in the object until the effect is removed. Until her soul can reconnect with her body and re-activated, it can not take control of the object. Trapped in limbo basically.

    C) Damage taken to the object takes a blow out of the time that it can be held onto. Drains energy alloted. If destroyed, the soul returns to her body automatically.

    Less than 1/4 Soul Transferred:
    * Short time to possess said item, little effects on the user. Able to function easily.

    1/4 to 1/2:
    A little longer to posess the object, but acts as if she's exhausted.

    1/2 to 3/4:
    Must concentrate HARD to remain awake and in control. Easy to push her body into non response. Longer time to be able to posess the object.

    3/4 to limit:
    Body is unresponsive, but has longer to manipulate the object.

    Bonus: Psionic people that touch her during this point of time she's using this ability can see or hear what she does, as long as contact is made.

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