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    Wesa Cat - The Furred Knight


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    Wesa Cat - The Furred Knight Empty Wesa Cat - The Furred Knight

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    Wesa Cat - The Furred Knight Wesasig1

    Name: Wesa Cat
    (Cherokee for Cat)
    Status: Pet
    Character Class: Mage Familiar Cat/ Knight
    Human for A'zyrla Timeline: Haseo Yoromitsu to be Vindictious

    Race: Appears to be a normal housecat
    Age: Depends on the SL
    Fur: Brown Tabby Cat

    Alignment: Good
    Relationship: Pantera's Furred Knight


    Wesa Cat - The Furred Knight Wesaapart

    Growth Ability
    Tailmanship (Knows how to write in common if he has to communicate. Uses his tail as a brush, so it can be sloppy)
    (There are a few other abilities that shall be revealed)

    Wesa is lovable, protective of the ones that he knows and trusts.


    Born a normal cat in the streets of Jronia, he belonged to a mage. This woman took him as her familiar. Even experimented with him, to give him special traits. These abilities gave him abilities, and was cast aside believing him to be a failure. Wesa was to fend for himself on the streets until he met Pantera. By following her to House Silvermane, he was reunited with her, meanwhile making a new friend. To this day he belongs to now General Leonidas, doing what he can to assist him. Wesa has also made it his duty to ensure that the home is free of mice, and other unwanted rodents that try to come in un announced.

    Years later saved by an assassin when the feline was chased by dogs. Wesa deemed upon his honor as Pantera's Furred Knight that this human was a good one to serve. Soon after he was reunited with his lady cat... to find she has a place in the home he had just joined!
    OOC ~ Please keep in mind that this character's human depends on the timeline he is in. Normally it is looked down on to have multiple owners, but this is past/present or present/future setup.

    Wesa Cat - The Furred Knight Wwesadreamhonor

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