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    Raven meets Mikhail


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    Raven meets Mikhail Empty Raven meets Mikhail

    Post by Lotus on Sat Aug 06, 2011 5:14 am

    Many things were passing through his mind as he would make his own way back to the castle. Wondering why one person would run from him screaming when he was left there? Why? He wondered that as he took his time to get back. He was in no hurry as he was confused at what happened there. She made such a fuss over him, and when he was scared she left him behind. Vanished, took Maybelle with her as he was left there.....

    He wondered if she was looking for him? Was she? He didn't know if she was or not.... He didn't see her anywhere as he made it back to the castle grounds. He was in the garden's now, his face looking forlorn as he was not liking his own thoughts. Was he bieng paranoid? He didn't know, but he didn't like this feeling. It was how he fealt most of the time. To have hope and now is wondering if.......

    No, he must not think that! I forbid yourself to think that, the little ghost thought as he settled in a middle of a rose bushes, his form not disturbing a single leaf or petal. He didn't mind inanimate objects going through him, they didn't mess him up as something that would barge through him. It didn't make any sense, that he knew as Raven shook it off.

    He would then look around, hoping to find something to distract his mind as he didn't want to think these things. Surely he wasn't abandoned was he? Surely she was looking for him! Perhaps she will come around any moment and find him! Yeah, that.... he shook his head, too used to being abandoned and was too paranoid to want to get his hopes up.

    Yet, a wanted distraction appeared. He sat up from a depressing pose and looked at two people and a horse. Normally, he would not be bothered to take notice, but this group of living beings wasn't your normal crowd. Almost coming out of the rose bushes, Raven would remember that he was scared of strangers. Ducking back into the bushes again, he would continue to watch them. Curiousity got the better of him as it would any normal child and he wanted to go say hello.

    Playing like a predator would prey, he would move through the bushes, popping his head out occasionally, pretending to be sneaky. He was getting a closer look in a playfull way as he moved closer to them, trying to figure out if they were gonna hurt him or not. He soon was relaxed to make his approach. He was facinated enough with Mikhail to forget he would be normally nervous around strangers.

    "Hi," he greeted as he fired off one question of curiousity after another, "Cool wings! Are they real? Silly question isn't it? I mean, you wouldn't wear fake wings would you? Were you born with them? Can you really fly? Why do you wear a blindfold? What's your name?"

    Looking to the lady that was with him, he wouldn't want to be rude. He dissapeared for a moment to go collect a rose. Appearing beside her in a measure of sweetness, he would offer a beautiful sunset rose to her. She seemed nice enough to not worry about her hurting him, "Hello, for you!" He would smile sweetly to her as he wasn't afraid, but now friendly.

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