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    <center>Skye Nighthawk SkyeRegret</center>
    Name: Skye Marie Nighthawk
    Age: See Rayne and Shade’s Profiles
    Race: ½ Elven ½ Oriental Egyptian
    Status: Born Princess, not an heir so doesn't mean much to her.
    Status in Clan: (To be played out)
    Occupation: Queen's Double

    Alignment: Chaotic
    Diety: Unknown
    Character Class: ???
    Eye Color:
    Right Eye: Silverish/Grey (Appears Blind)
    Left: Blue

    Hair Color: Black/Blue mix

    Mother: Isis (Do I have to list the last name? Ishtar... That's her maiden name)
    Father: Angeal (Bastard is considered dead to her)

    Elder Sister: Rayne 'Terra' Nighthawk
    Elder Brother: Shade Nighthawk
    Baby Sister: Asra Nighthawk

    Cousins claimed:
    Raijin Stormcrow

    Future Kin: (MOST UNBORN AS OF YET)
    Shade &amp; Sinda: Adoptive (Jeran &amp; Krystal) Blood Nephew: Kazuki Nighthawk.
    Rayne & Gabriel: Kamyllia &amp; Nathaniel de Villionne

    Notable People:
    Haseo: He does a good job guarding my sister, he's a good guy.
    Gabriel de Villionne: Unsure what she thinks of him, but Rayne seems to love him...
    'Ghost': Oh she's awesome! Known for getting her point across rather... Bluntly.
    Sindarosiel: She's got Shade wrapped around her fingers... At least she's worthy of him...
    Zetsu: See Haseo. Don't know him well enough to say yet.

    (Others in progress)

    Empathic/Psionic Connection between the triplets.

    Blind eye sees what the good one won't.
    (More abilities to be played out)

    Languages Spoken:
    Home Tongue

    Other Notable Identifying Marks:
    Tribal Rose Tattoo across her left side on the stomache.
    Skye Nighthawk SideTattooGothicRoseVinetattoo

    Subtle differences between her and Rayne would be easily seen by those that know what to look for.

    Magic Item Creating

    Items usually onhand:
    Poison Ring
    Small/Medium Bag of Holding
    ~~~~Contents listed below history

    As the third born, Skye doesn't have to worry about being crowned the queen. Thus she really doesn't care to be called by her title. She is more impulsive than her sister is, and your not considered a friend, she doesn't really care what you think of her. There are moments Skye can seem to be rude and inconsiderate, but when you need her, she's got your back.

    In her earlier years, she was quite the slut, knowing it would piss off her father and shame him. It felt good to do the act and piss her sire off at the same time. (Typist thinks she needs counciling) A'zyrla days she had decided to tone this reputation down by 95% given the resemblance to the queen. Rayne doesn't need that rep...

    While she doesn't share the curse of slavery with her triplets, nor was she sent to exile, nothing happened to Skye that was really outside of her personal control. She was pissed off when her father wouldn't do anything to help Asra other than send her away, and the fact that Rayne had to go off looking for her brother when he was captured. Just goes to show when the father's 'favorite' is enslaved, and does nothing, he really doesn't care too much does he?

    So yeah, Skye hates the man who sired her. This anger during the absence of the others that she cares for caused much fighting between her and who was left that when her brother was freed she had left to go and try to look for Asra to reunite the siblings. (Better to start a quest when you know you can have help if needed)

    Anyways, Skye came to A'zyrla hearing her siblings have gathered there. She doesn't show interest in much responsibility of the realm other than to play her sister's double when needed.

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