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    <center>Krystal Nighthawk Krystal81</center>

    Age: 8
    Race: Half Faerie/Elven

    Brother: Jeran

    Height: 3'2
    Weight: 62 lbs
    Eyes: Blue with Silver Flecks
    Hair: Platinum
    Blood type: O-

    Favored Surroundings: Away from the ocean
    Phobias: Losing brother, LARGE bodies of water
    Favorite food: Cherries

    Behavior: Quiet, quick to scare. Once trust is gained she will open up to be a charming and loving little girl. Usually, if you can find Jeran, she isn't too far behind.


    Class: What do you mean? I am a kid!

    Ability List:

    Stones: Able to use the stones in her bag to withdraw some effects and use them. Sometimes will pick one up at random and use it being as she doesn't know what everything is. Thus will usually go for the ones she can easily identify.

    Clairvoyance: Randomly see events.

    Identify Plants: She knows the names and uses of several dozen edible, herbal, and baneful plants. Jeran's better at it though.

    Tarot: Recognizes what some cards are, and knows that they are meant to serve as guidelines, but isn't an expert on their use as of yet.

    Water Walking/Dancing: Likes to manipulate and dance on the water. This is the thing that she can do the bestest. It's alot of fun! Wanna try it?

    Special Combat Ability: EEEEKKKK!!!! Jeran RUN!!! (Defensive Magic, such as healing stone/Runes or protective spells while her brother summons the backup.)

    Weapon of Choice: SCREAM LIKE A BANSHEE!!!

    Ranged: Wants to learn to shoot a bow.

    Possessions: A bag, of tools that her birth father used for his casting. Stones and runes mostly.

    Weakness: Inexperience, shortness

    *Close Relationships*

    Jeran: Her twin brother, specializes in the wind based element of their mother. He is all that she has left, and will do what she can to make sure nothing happens to him.

    Birth Father: Deceased
    Birth Mother: Deceased.

    Adoptive Mother:
    Adoptive Father:
    Adoptive Sibling(s):


    Their childhood started for them to believe that all is well in their universe. They knew nothing about the irritation concerning their family. Until one day their world came crashing down. There was no warning when the storms came, sending them on an adventure they would never forget.

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